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The World Champion of 2017 FIWC: Xbox One Player Vitality Rocky

Several days ago we knew that 8 players had been access to the 2017 FIWC final. And the group stage was very impressive, especially for the slight difference among players. And recently, the result has come into our sight that Vitality Rocky was crowned. Unluckily, xShellzz failed to be the champion. However FIFA 17 fans have their own answer for who is really the champion.


7 European Players and One Brazilian Player
It is really sad to see no Asian players in the final. There were several factors that might contribute to the result. One is that they are less trained for the game than Western players since the environment for electric sports in Asia is not so favorable for gamers. The main reason for it must be the lack of a Asian server. So they are doomed to fail at the beginning. Actually, the 8 players of FIWC final are almost all from Europe. Only one of them is from Brazil.

The Last Battle Between Vitality Rocky and xShellzz
The last battle between Vitality Rocky and xShellzz has alway been the focus of all fans. Even after they got the result, they couldn’t keep calm. There has aroused a hot debate about it. Some players really admired the winner. They were amazed at his excellent operation. However, most of them felt proud of xShellzz because of his courtesy. Even when he could take advantage of his opponents, he just gave up for several times. So although he failed to be the champion. He had a lot of fans who really regarded him as the champion. What’s more, now you can watch the live show of their battle online. I bet you will benefit a lot from it. Known as a reputable website providing FIFA 17 Xbox One coins and other types of coins of other platforms, we promise you quick disposal and safe payment. And more latest news about FIFA 18 can also be shared here. Thanks for your reading. 
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