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The Logo of FIFA 18 Presented First on the Roll Up Banner

The release date of FIFA 18 is approaching. By now the confirmed platforms of FIFA 18 includes PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The main platform we want to talk today is PS4 which is chosen by most of players for its support to excellent graphics. Especially the updated PS4 Pro will be popular among more beginners of FIFA 18 or old PS4 players. The information behind the roll up banner also proves EA’s preference to PS4 platform.

FIFA 18 Is Still Forced to Keep Mysterious
From the logo of FIFA 18, we get nothing but that FIFA 18 is around the corner. EA Sports has really done a good job to keep FIFA 18 mysterious and at the same time to attract our attention to it. Sometimes you know that it is hard to keep a balance between the two. The publishers of EA Sports make it. From the 3 month this year, we have gained some gossips of FIFA 18. Recently more exposed pictures have been spread online. Now we see the logo of FIFA 18 on the roll up banner. The publishers of EA Sports intend to gain more players of FIFA 18 step by step.
FIFA 18-logo
PS4 Pro Platform Will be Chosen as the Main Platform to Popularize FIFA 18
According to some predictions, FIFA 18 is going to make great improvement in its graphics. On  the other hand, the demand for a proper platform to support its strict requirements of graphics determines that PS4 Pro will be chosen as the main platform since Xbox Scorpio is not yet published. So the relevant materials of Xbox Scorpio won’t be exposed to us. Although we also have a high expectation of the original experience with Xbox Scorpio.
FIFA 18-PS4 Pro Are you a veteran of FIFA and have you made up your mind to still choose FIFA 18 for the following season? I guess you won’t miss FIFA 18 because of its authenticity and fun. Our website will provide you with latest FIFA 18 news and at the same time, the cheap FIFA 18 coins. So please be our customer for our low price and quick disposal.
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