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How to Save Your Money When You Preorder FIFA 18

We have access to some exact information of FIFA 18 due to E3. Icon Edition and Ronaldo Edition can be preodered now. Any details about the two editions can be found online. Most of players may become crazy about FIFA 18 because they really admire Christiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo Luiz. However, we think you should keep calm when you have to spend your money. There exists some methods for you to save money when you preorder FIFA 18.

Choose A Proper Page to Enter
Icon Edition seems much more attractive to fifa fans. At the same time, it is much more expensive.  It will cost us 699 HKD. However, you will save 10% of your money if you enter following page. There is a link between FIFA 17 online and FIFA 18. The discount also shows EA Sports’ support for its fans. If you are ever a FIFA 17 player online, then you are able to enjoy a 10% discount of FIFA 18. So if you are not, you can make a deal with those who were ever a FIFA 17 player but they decided to give up FIFA 18. It is beneficial to all of you.
FIFA 18-preorder

You Can Choose to Be a Member of EA Access or Origin Access
There are a lot of benefits for a member of EA Access or Origin Access. First, you can play FIFA 18 in advance. The confirmed release date of FIFA 18 is 29th, September. Nonetheless, if you are a member of EA Access or Origin Access, you are allowed to play FIFA 18 on 21st , September. What’s more, if you preorder FIFA 18 as a member of EA Access, you can enjoy a 20% discount. Pretty appealing, isn’t it? Please be careful with your money when you preorder FIFA 18. And if you have any problems with that, you can contact their live chat. Also, please be careful with your money with FIFA 18 coins. Our website will supply cheap FIFA 18 coins to you. At the same time, contact our live chat to solve your problem of buying FIFA 18 coins. We promise safety and rapidity of the transaction.
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