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FIFA 18: What Distinguishes The Journey 2 From the Previous Version?

It is confirmed that The Journey returns in FIFA 18, which has known as The Journey 2. Based on the Journey in FIFA 17, The Journey 2 adds some new thing content which distinguishes it from the previous edition. Here are the new additions.   

Take The Role As Legends
We've already mentioned how we'd like to create our own star in FIFA 18, but we've also got an idea for an entertaining side-attraction. The Journey: Legends would allow us to relive the careers of our favourite stars, from Lionel Messi to David Beckham. Whether it would be incorporated into the main game or added as DLC, the potential of this idea is practically limitless. After all, who doesn't want to recreate their most cherished football memories?
Extend Periods Of Time
We enjoyed The Journey in FIFA 17, but there wasn't enough of it to last beyond a few weeks' playtime. We'd like the mode to last longer next time, but another way to add longevity would be to allow for a continuous career following the story's initial completion.
For example, it could transition to FIFA 18's standard Career Mode after one season, continuing to provide longevity after the core narrative is over. That way, the fate of our player wouldn't need to remain a mystery.
More Story Plots
The Journey’s story is currently limited in its potential to expand beyond the main script. While different scenarios can occur based on your performances, the majority of story elements are locked in from the outset, and everyone inevitably ends up at the same point before long. It’d be great to enjoy multiple playthroughs with wildly different scenarios each time. If that’s not possible, how about a system in which we’re given multiple backstories to choose from?
Free Play
One of the most enticing aspects of The Journey’s debut in FIFA 17 is the ability to control multiple aspects of Alex Hunter’s life. Players can develop relationships with teammates, speak their mind in press conferences and have back-and-forth encounters with important figures.
It would be great to have more freedom of choice though – it'd be especially fun to walk freely around the grounds and other key environments of our player's life, dictating who and what we interact with in any given week. That way, we could truly customise The Journey to our specifications.
Newly Added Create-A-Player Mode
Alex Hunter's story is genuinely compelling for the most part, but given that we've already sampled much of his narrative at this point, will EA give us another pro to play as? Well, we'd actually prefer it if we could create our own player.
The inclusion of this feature would help to bring The Journey in line with other cherished modes such as NBA 2K's MyCareer, and it'd also add a key element of personalisation. It would be great to be able to choose to play as a man or a woman, too.

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