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FIFA 17 : The Latest TOTW 35 and Best Players for Investment

FIFA 17 seems to decline those days because our attention is paid to the coming FIFA 18. However, TOTW is still attractive to most players owing to that they will know better whose points may increase later and constitute a wise investment. Furthermore, this is also helpful for they to make up their ultimate team and take part in the competition for FUT champion.

Gaya-80 OVR-LB-1-0 win  Another week, another Valencia defender. Gaya was the crucial person and helped their team to pick up three points , scoring the only goal in the match.
Kyle Naughton-75 OVR- RB -2-0 win  Swansea gained a vital three points away at Sunderland . It turns out that Naughton scored the second of those two, combined with Hull's loss, which guaranteed safety for another season.
Nacho Fernandaze- 80 OVR - LB -4-1 win  The young Spaniard both scored and assist one goal as Madrid defeated Sevilla. Ronaldo was the outstanding player .
Timo Horn-77- OVR- GK- 2-2 draw   Horn only recently obtained his first IF but with horn being the only prominent keeper which is gold it makes him too difficult to ignore. The German stopper struggled for 1 from kicker for his seven saves in Koln's 2-2 draw with Leverkusen.
Neymar -92 OVR-  LW -4-1 away win over Las Palmas. The tricky winger scored three of his own with picking up the assist for Suarez. 
Coutinho -86 OVR- CM - 4-0 win over West Ham   He will be making the cut after the Brazilian scored twice and assisted another in Liverpool.
Jose Collien- 82 OVR- RW - 5-0 demolition of Torino  Callejon was very on the border of making TOTS MC and luckily he didn’t as he is now pretty much guaranteed to make TOTW after picking up player of the week in Italy.
Aeien Robon -80 OVR-- RM - 5-4 away win over Leipzig  This would be his fourth IF the fact that he is player of the week usually goes a long way.

Oliver Giroud - 83 OVR- ST -4-1 away win over Stoke
Jonas- 84 OVR- ST - 5-0 win

Eiji Kawshima - 69 OVR- GK -  1-1 draw .
Manuel Fernandes - 80 OVR- LM -  4-0 home win
Andrei Kramaric-77 OVR -LW - 5-3 away win over Werder Bremen
Dirk Kuyt- 76 OVR- CM -  3-1 win
Diego Farias - 74 OVR - RM - 3-2 win
Falcao - 82 OVR - ST - Falcao received an 8/10 for his brace which could easily make the cut as a hero item.
Vanger Love -78 OVR- ST - 4-2 win
Jamie McGrath-57 OVR- CM . The Dundalk midfielder scored three of their four goals to secure his spot in this side.
Gillbert Koomson- 64 OVR - RW- 4-0 win 
Justin Meram - 70 OVR- LM - 3-2 away win over Montreal
Reinhold Yabo - 70 OVR- CAM - 6-0 win
Kamil Billinski- 68 OVR- ST - 6-0 win
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