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A New Edition of FIFA 18 on Switch Is Going to Meet Us at E3 and EA Play

It is said that a new edition of FIFA game will come into our site at E3 and EA Play this year. It is a product of the cooperation between EA Sports and Switch. And it is not officially named FIFA 18 but EA Sports FIFA. Actually, it is a specially designed FIFA 18 for switch. A wonderful game must be designed according to its platform and to make full use of the merits of a new platform.
fifa 18-E3 and EA Play

A Brief Introduction of E3 and EA Play
E3, originally named Electronic Entertainment Expo, serves as an annual trade fair for the video game industry. Every year we will enjoy some masterpieces at E3 presented by the Entertainment Software Association. EA Play is also a good platform for all kinds of games by EA Sports to advertise their latest achievements. And often EA Play is presented a week earlier than E3. So this may be the first time for you to play FIFA 18 on switch this year. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Some Worries of the Upcoming FIFA 18 on Switch 
Many players have a mixed feeling towards the upcoming edition. On the one hand, they look forward to the new game; On the other hand, they concerned about the integrality of the new edition of FIFA 18 since it is the first combination between the two. And they also mentioned that it was likely to be an old edition with a new name. However, the publishers of EA described that players needn’t worry about it. This game will be a specially customized for switch.
  FIFA 18-Switch  

How ,When and Where?
Anyone that is keen on FIFA series is able to enjoy the new edition for free at EA Play. It will be open to us for 3 days. But you need to register in advance. EA Play is about to be held in Los Angeles and will last for 3 days from tenth day to twelfth day in this June. This will be the first switch edition of FIFA series. FIFA 18 is around the corner. And either you are a veteran or a beginner of the game you need to know the fact that you will get some presents at the beginning. So why not store some FIFA 18 coins at our website now ? You will have some cheap FIFA 18 coins if you just take actions at once. We promise rapidity and safety.
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